Justin Faust - Girl Talk EP 320

Wow-Wee.. Been searching this one for a while now.. But it was defiantly worth the wait. This little EP Justin Faust - Girl Talk features some all time remixes from some certain individuals that have been blowing up the past year.  Gloves, Herr Styler and Bit Funk all have there fair share of amazing remixes and these are no exception. Each artist changes up the song and give their own personal flair to the song. My favourites go to Gloves and Bit Funk.. However that does not mean the Herr Styler is no good! One word to describe this EP is Stylish.. I like it. I like it a lot.


And heres a cheeky little remix for the punters. Old school Missy Elliot remixed by Justin Faust. Yeeeh Disco. Frothn.

Missy Elliot - Work It (Justin Faust Remix) 320

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