Rogerseventytwo - Take Me Higher

Yes, its been posted way back.. In fact the first Frothy Friday (and even before that i was super hyped off this track), but I still cant get enough. Its a brilliant funky track that is a sure thing for any playlist. It's only just started to get recognised now, after two years, which is quite a shame because it is so so so so much better than any other house song!

So far there have been two separate versions released - The new one being released by Fools Gold.. Makes it more of a punter-ish song.. It only has subtle differences but i still am hands down frothing harder for the older. Get on the bastard now if you haven't already.

Rogerseventytwo Take Me Higher - Old 320

Rogerseventytwo You Take Me Higher (Original Mix) - New 190 

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