Frothy Friday

Oakley... close on putting as many clinics as this bloke 

Oh this is a great little bunch of tunes. Very excited about all four of these. Three freshys and one old killer tune yeow.

First up the classic by Junior Senior, 'Move your feet'. I havnt seen any producers take the same style to this tune as Dj Theory has.. Slow tempo, summer daytime disco. Yeah its very good. Dj Theory gives away pretty much all his work check it here

Next.. Tim Fuchs remix of Strange Talk's 'Eskimo Boy'.. Its chill and sexy.. Tim Fuchs you great man for making this free as well. Yew check more of his all time work from here.. And if you dont know Strange Talk by now....... your a dick... Putting clinics on all around Australia. 

Then comes... Louis la Roche remix of Switch's new banger 'I Still Love you'.. It seems that people all over the globe are super frothed up with the vocals of this track and i can see why. There fucking sick. Louis has given it the funk/house treatment.. its a keeper for sure. Although he can do no wrong in my books. He da man.  

HOWEVER.. he did do some dubstep song.. eeeep. that was yuck.. A little bit of puke came up... Dubstep is shithouse. 

Lastly is a remix by Rogue Vogue of the new Moon Boots traccck. The original is super swweeett. But so is this little dancey number. boogie-time.

Junior Senior Move Your Feet (Theory's Late Summer Edit)

Switch I Still Love You (Louis La Roche 'I Still Love Switch' Remix)

Moon Boots Off My Mind (Rogue Vogue Remix)

Eskimo Boy ( T i M ∆ ƒ U C H S Remix) by T i M ∆ ƒ U C H S

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