Frothy Friday

Oh yeah. Im frothn these trax..

Some old-ish some new-ish...

Shook can do no wrong. His remix of Fallulah  is sublime- the loops are super fun. Teki Latex... pffft. How am i late (Blog years) on this track??? Its SBTRKT all over. Listen to it you wont be disappointed - 'Girl whats your zodiac' Lyrics are the bees knees... As for the Pharoa Black Magic's remix on Walter Sobcek.. Smoooother than a nice cocktail made by George Clooney.

And for something completely different.... GINUWINE - PONY... yep theres your spanner in the works folks. memory lane how are ya.

"Riding my pony".. 

Fallulah I Lay My Head (Shook Remix)

Walter Sobcek Miami (Pharao Black Magic Remix)

Teki Latex (Prod. Bambounou) Zodiac

Ginuwine Pony

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