(Image: Show + Tell Pool Party)

This man deserves a lot more attention than he gets! This super steeze producer out of Sydney makes discoey chill chunneess of some of my favourite tracks to date. 

A while ago i posted his New Navy 'Zimbabwe' remix.. And again here with a fellow Australian artist  .. Lady lover extraordinaire Matt Corby.. 

Corby, if you didnt know has every woman in Australia in the palm of his hands.... Fuck.

Lancelot has also just been featured in the latest Magician Mixtape as the first track (We Can Dance) with remix duties by my favourite artist Goldroom.. Match made in heaven.

*Check out his Soundcloud as there are many freebies getting given away


And here is a frothy little mix filled with so many good tracks. Many have appeared on this blog. He has good taste.

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