Edwin The Man

Edwin Van Cleef has been churning out the goods recently. The busy man has produced and remixed some great tunes and almost certainly on everyones playlist. His cover/remix of Listzomania by Phoenix is, dare do i say, BETTER than the original - and for that instance the Classixx version. Bringing lady vocals, courtesy of Jane Hanely, is a match winner. Yeah Frofn!

Download Edwin van Cleef Lisztomania (feat. Jane Hanley)

Edwin Van Cleef - Listzomania (Feat. Jane Hanely)

And another cheeky remix he has done for the recent John Legend cover of Adele's very successful song 'Rolling in the Deep'

Download John Legend Rolling In The Deep (Edwin van Cleef Remix)

John Legend - Rolling in the Deep (Edwin Van Cleef Remix)

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