Parklife 2011

Parklife 2011 has been revealed! The festival that kicks off summer has once again brought some ALL TIME international acts to our shores. SebastiAn and Mylo will be very delicious along with the likes of Tensnake and not to mention the fucking steeze lord (as pictured) Sebastien Tellier! The must see in my eyes is without a doubt Digitalism, with their new album set to drop soon it is set to be an absolute cracker! Yeh im frothn.
Sporting his long hair, thick beard and signature sunglasses, he bears a striking resemblance to a futuristic Jesus

Here are few songs that you should go hear/bounce/drink/slide/slip/trip/dance/cannoe/ride/smoke/take shit/plank(ing)/cone(ing)/tune chicks/tune guys/dance too. 

Niki & The Dove -  Gentle Roar (Mylo remix) 

Tensnake - Coma Cat (Round Table Knights Remix)

Digitalism -  2 Hearts

SebastiAn -  Embody

S├ębastien -  Tellier Kilometer (A-Trak Remix)

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