Cream Dream

Yo tropical disco lovers, heard of Cream Dream before?

No well you have now, and you will froooooth it...

Funky, fresh, tropical, smooth vibes coming from every angle of his chunes.. they are delicious.. Residing from the big NYC this lad should have 10,000 more followers on his twitter and soundcloud than he does now. Make sure to check his new EP and older one cos it's all time.. Come summer, this bloke is going to be a big presence on my playlists.    

At 18 its full steam ahead for tropical future.. Keep the vibes coming!! .. Here are a select few that stood out for me.. cheeky little remix thrown in.. yeow

Cream Dream - N.Y. Woman

Cream Dream - Movin on the Dancefloor (Flubba's Ecstasy Remix)

Cream Dream - Paradiso

... Yes more tropics and summery vibes - I cant get enough. Froth this shit.

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