Today consisted of golf, lunch froffies, and surfing. If I were Stephen Spielberg and filmed it and then was choosing a soundtrack for it, Perseus remix of Jeremy Glenn's 'New Life' would take the opening scene, the action packed drama shit in the middle and then the credits... Thats how good this song is.. Its a fucking fantastic track with continuous summery vibes.

Did that make sense?

Yes its an older track (in blogger years), but needs to be posted, again, cos it beats most things going on right now.

Jeremy Glenn New Life (Perseus 'Summer of 83' Remix)

Also here is his latest remix of 'Record Collection' - up there with the Plastic Plates. Both very impressive, and if you dont mind better than the original... And just uploaded is this super vibey tune called 'Russian Girlfriends'.. Dunno what the deal is, obviously just a preview but sounds like something id froth to. Keep the summer vibes flowing yeow.
Mark Ronson - Record Collection 2012 (Perseus Remix) by PERSEUS
"russian girlfriends" by PERSEUS

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