Frothy Friday

Yo. This week has been a fucking huge week on the music scene. Sadly we have seen the loss of one if its leaders and very talented artists. Dj Mehdi 34, who has been in the game for such a long time now sadly passed away this week due to an 'accident.' All best wishes to family and friends. His legacy of steezy french tunes will forever live on..

Anyway, here is a great dosage of frothy vibes. The Fingerman edit samples Dj Medi's banger tune 'Signature' and does so epically. This bloke is very unknown to myself, but i like what his doing. Edits are the key. Onto the next, Hannulelauri and Runaway (Remixed by Slow Hands Half Full)are your standard 112BPM tracks. Daytime Disco - bongos / cow bells / ALL TIME.. This shits my favourite. And lastly an absolute classic in everyones books Notorious BIG - 'Juicy'.. Remixed by Doctor Dru & Adana Twins. This tune is a must for any low key set so make sure you jump on board. 

THEY WILL PUT A SMILE ON YA DIAL.. Faaarrooottthhhnn

Runaway Indoor Pool (Slow Hands Half Full Remix) 112

Hannulelauri Zombie Tropicana

Dynasty Strokin' (Fingermanedit)

Doctor Dru & Adana Twins

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