Pretty Lights

Heres a man who can mash, produce, remix, edit almost any genre on the planet..

Not a fun of dubstep - as some of you may have figured - but everything else this man does is a frothy masterpiece. With so many electro bangers and shit around the place at the moment it is good to see someone going out their to try something different. 'Electro hip hop soul', as Pretty Lights puts it, gets the feet moving and keeps the energy alive with a vast array of cutting-edge party rocking beats. He gives away everything for free at Pretty Lights Music and off course donations are welcome - dont be a stooge.

In every single set I have played I can guarantee you this Jay Z / B.I.G song has been featured. Get around it - its a fucking gem. Old now, but good.. And as for 'Finally Moving' - get your hands on it. The vocals have recently been used in the Avicii summer banger 'Levels', however this is better. Much more chilled and easy listening. The James Brown touch is practically the same - just a little faster and better quality (320)

Pretty Lights Finally Moving

Pretty Lights Finally Moving James Brown Remix

Pretty Lights Jay Z Empire State Of Mind Remix

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