Best of 2011: Part 1 (Originals)

Here is my BEST OF 2011 .. Originals that is.. No Remixes, that will come in good time..

Enjoy because these songs are the froffiest chunness to come from the great year of 2011. Its a rather diverse package but nevertheless you'll froth. 


Download Flume Sleepless ft. Antony For Cleopatera
*Just a big fuck you to all commercial shit (ie Afrodick and David spud-uetta). This is different and killing it* 

Rest are in no particular order:

Download SBTRKT Pharaohs - Original Mix
*Hands down one of the most innovative artists this year*

Download Poolside Do You Believe? - Original Mix
*Created a new genre on one song and created a new meaning to 12noon*

Download Goldroom Morgan's Bay
*Fucking Talented artist that can never do wrong. Summer in a 4min melody*

Download Rogerseventytwo Take Me Higher
*The best club chune i have heard in a long time*

Download Falcon Punch Where You'll Stay (Original Mix)
*Funky fresh. People always asking the name of the song.. Look out for the Punch*

Download New Navy Tapioca
*Summer tropical guitars that never get old.. Like two door cinema club but better*

*Easily my most watched artist.. Steezy Steezy Man..*

*Most played chune of the year.. People froth.. I froth.. god dayyuum*

*Hello Daytime Disco .. Minimal lyrics Maximum Loops.. Fuck yes please*

*Pianos, Synth and a beat has never sounded better*

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