Best of 2011: Part 2 (Remixes)

PART TWO.. Back here with my favourite characteristic/thing/area of the music industry REMIXES!!

Anyone can put their creativity to the test and come up with some tasty beats/cuts/filters that put a different spin to the original track.. And its all time.

Yep everyone loves a delicious froffy remix and here are ten that stood out for me in the year that was 2011.

But first of all, REMIX OF THE YEAR..

*Plastic Plates has been an absolute standout for the year. He pushed out a large number of top quality remixes, not one was bad.. He is a freak.. It wasnt rare or odd to see his remixes being better than the actual original tracks.. Big Ups to this man. Cant wait for your 2012*

Rest are in no particular order

Download New Navy Zimbabwe (Flume Remix)
*Once again.. a big fuck you to commercial shit.. Flumes sound is so fucking amazing. Cant stop listening to this one*

Download Jeremy Glenn New Life (Perseus 'Summer of 83' Remix)
*So Chilled, so good, so 2pm poolside froffies*

Download Mark Ronson & The Business Intl Record Collection (Perseus Remix)
*#2 for this lad.. Unlike the other remixes in the EP he keeps all the lyrics and adds a touch of sunset*

Download Friendly Fires Hurting (Tensnake Remix)
*Im not sure this one has actually been released yet. This is only a 192.. but whatever. Makes this track so fun and dancey. Almost my number one for the year*

Download Foster The People Call It What You Want (Treasure Fingers Remix)
*Still keeps so much of the original track but more punchy.. Preparty in a chunnne*

Download Clubfeet Last Words (The C90s Remix)
*Dance, Dance, Dancier than the original, faster, and with those lyrics is a match made in heaven. This isnt their only good remix either. Suss the C90s*

Download Graz Edits Afrika (GRAZ edit) 3rd version
*uhhh Amazziinngg track. Dunno what the non-edit is like but this track is palm trees, smiles and bongos. I guarantee you no one knows this track, its brilliant*

Download Niki & The Dove Mother Protect (Goldroom Remix)
*Has never done a bad remix and this one was his best.. I heard this and frothed super hard when i was in bali, at the supper club, with The Twelves.. Holy shit.. 10s*

Download Poolside Do You Believe (Goldroom Remix)
*This was second best and still made the top 10.. The cutups in the pianos are something to idolise.. Goldroom you my man are the man*

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